Sensors and Transmitters

Ultrasound Sensors and Ultrasonic Transmitters


Extend your inspection capabilities with ultrasound sensors and Improve Leak Detection And Tightness Testing

Contact Ultrasound Sensors

Inspect bearings, steam traps and perform other mechanical inspections with our Needle or Threaded contact sensors.


Airborne Ultrasound Sensors

Find compressed air, gas and vacuum leaks in noisy environments. Increase your inspections distance and reach hard to access areas.


CONMONSense Range

Standalone, Permanent Mount, Ultrasound Sensor designed to integrate with standard industrial measurement systems.


Enhance your hearing with ultrasound transmitters

Pair your SDT340, SDT270 or SDT200 portable ultrasound device with a transmitter. This ultrasound technology enables you to convert ultrasonic waves into audible noises for easy leak detection or tightness testing inspection. Even in the noisiest facilities, you’ll hear an audible sound to indicate malfunction.


 T Sonic1 01 200x133  
  • Equipped with one directional ultrasonic transducer
  • Uses 2 AA batteries
  • Generates two commutating ultrasonic frequencies


 T Sonic9 Holdster 200x133  
  • 9 transducers
  • Remote control
  • Adjustable volume
  • Uses 6 AA batteries

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