Type 2250


B&K 2250 series delivers two powerful single-channel class 1 sound level meters, and hand-held analyzer. The instruments can be easily extended with B&K quality range of microphones and measurement kits. In addition, the platform of these sound level meters are application-based providing additional flexibility to add functionality and specialized analysis features, tailored to your measurement needs.


Independent of your need, B&K Type 2250 series feature a highly flexible platform that can be expanded with our sound level meter applications.

From environmental noise to building acoustics, or measurement of product noise, B&K Type 2250 Sound Level Meter has you covered.


Type 2250-L

Class 1 Sound Level Meter and Analyzer

Type 2250 Light is a class 1 sound level meter and handheld analyzer, supplied with a rugged built and award-winning, easy-to-use
interface. The instrument is ideally suited for measuring occupational, environmental and product noise.


Type 2250-S

Class 1 Sound Level Meter /  Analyzer

Type 2250-S is a compact and robust class 1 sound level meter. With the addition of specialized applications, the instrument’s functionality can be expanded to meet any measurement task, including product noise and vibration assessment.

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