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CableView™ Tension Meter

RDI’s CableView™ Tension Meter is a revolutionary cable tension measurement tool. The system is completely non-contact, utilizing a camera to measure the tension of guy wires. The tool uses industry approved methodologies* and removes human error by relying on precision measurement from video. It is easy to use, safer, saves time, and provides more accurate/repeatable results than the current industry standard.


  • TIA approved Method – RDI’s CableView™ tool utilizes approved methods and equations from TIA guidelines.*
  • Speed – Measure multiple cables at once. An entire anchor point can be measured from a single recording of less than a minute.
  • Accuracy – Eliminates the human error from the pulse/sway method. Accuracy down to 1 millisecond in timing.
  • 3rd Party Support – RDI’s CableView™ Tension Meter tool integrates with Crown Castle’s Twist, Plumb and Tension Spreadsheet. Import an entire tower’s data from the spreadsheet and export tensions directly to the Crown Castle spreadsheet. All with a couple of click of the mouse.
  • Data Transparency – Data plots can be exported for each measurement for reporting purposes, verifying data integrity to the tower owner.

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