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  • Laser Alignment Systems

    IRIS Maintenance Technologies have complete advanced equipment, systems and solutions related to all alignment problems. IRIS Maintenance Technologies have the following high tech equipment for all kinds of laser alignment. 



    Fixturelaser NXA PRO


    There are several other products from Fixturlaser and some of them are stated below;


    1.  Fixturlaser NXA Ultimate

    2. Fixturlaser GEO Basic

    3. Fixturlaser GEO Full

    4. Fixturlaser EVO

    5. Fixturlaser GO Pro

    6. Fixturlaser Go Basic

    7. Fixturlaser Alignment Kit

    8. Fixturlaser Shim Cases


    For further details of the above products, kindly contact us or visit our Solution Partners page for Fixturlaser website.


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