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    IRIS Maintenance Technologies most important skill is litening - listening to the challenges customers meet in their work processes where increasing functional demands, time pressure, regulatory requirements and budget constraints mean that getting it right the first time is becoming ever more critical. Listening hard is our way of understaing customer needs and is the start of the road to finding long-term solutions of sound and vibration challenges to customers. The only way we can put our highly skilled force of engineers and our time-tested, market -leading product portfolio to work is by litening.


    The Sound and Vibration challenges facing our customers are diverse from traffic or airport noise, vibration in a car engine, evaluation of building acoustics, cabin comfort in a passenger airplane to production quality control or wind turbine noise. Over the years, we have acquired creative and technically advanced solutions to innumerable customer problems.


    One of our featured product from  Bruel & Kjaer is shown below;


    Bruel & Kjaer Sound Solutions


    We have several other Noise Monitoring Devices from Bruel & Kjaer (BKSV). For further details of these devices kindly visit our Solution Partners page to access the BKSV website.

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