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    Working in corelation with leading pioneers in developing and applying technology to the workplace and environmental health and safety industry.  IRIS Maintenance Technologies Co. Ltd is capable of delivering world leading technologies and solutions from suppliers such as Fixturlaser, RDI Technologies, UE Systems, ACOEM, CTC, Mobius Institute, Delta OHM etc to increase and enhance efficinecy in industrial work and to provide best possible solutions to our esteemed clients.

    Our product range includes of systems like Laser Alignment, Vibration Analyzers, Motion Amplification Systems, Ultrasound systems, Weather Monitoring Systems and many more. In addition to equipping our clients with latest and best solutions, our highly specialized, operational and maintenance team can provide a comprehensive range of service to ensure prolonged life of your valuable assets. 

    Our Weather Monitoring Systems are from Delta OHM in which we are providing highly efficient and accurate sensors to measure wind speed and direction, humidity, pressure, temperature, solar radiations, rain gauges etc and data loggers to record the results as well.

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