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  • Motion Amplification System

    IRIS Maintenance Technologies Co. Ltd is excited to announce the release of Motion Amplification™System from RDI Technologies. The first of its kind, patented Motion Amplification™ technique that helps you see unseen motions.

    Motion Amplification™ allows you to assess critical manufacturing operations, processes, quality, and structural components that affect plant reliability and productivity. Motion Amplification™ is a revolutionary technology that detects subtle motion and amplifies that motion to a level visible with the naked eye. Every pixel becomes a sensor creating millions of measurement locations in an instant.

    This technology platform can provide your team with real-time video information to aid in decision making relative to manufacturing operations. The ability to visualize the entire process while still having component level analysis positions this tool for use in screening, fault finding, baseline or commissioning, and pre/post repairs or retrofits. All while providing specific information about the process or issues causing quality problems.

    The Motion Amplification™ software produces an easy to understand amplified video of the motion across an asset enabling communication between technical and nontechnical resources leading to enhanced decision making and focused activities. Videos can be produced within seconds of data collection. In other words, it saves time and money.

    for more information please visit the following website, or request a demo.

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