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  • IRIS Maintenance Technologies uses a systemetic approach of finding problems, analyze them and eliminate it completely from its roots. For this we at IRIS use a simple four steps technique as described below;


    Initial Investigation: We initially investigate and collect data by generally visiting the site, asking the related persons, visual inspection of the equipment and its previous performance logs.

    Identifying Problem: Once we collect all the required data, we analyze it to identify the problem.

    Interpretation of the Problem: After identifying the problem, we then use expert skills of our engineers to deploy several methods including complex technologies to interpret the problem and run correction measures or eliminate or identify the problem causing element. 

    Reassurance: Once the corrective measures are taken we then retest the product or cycle to reassure that problem is not repeated.


    We at IRIS Maintenance Technologies have following services to counter the troubleshooting problems faced by our clients;

    1. On-site root cause analysis

    2. Advanced Diagnosis

    3. Remote Monitoring and Analysis

    4. Motor Signature Current Analysis

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